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Banu Shamana Çetin


Shamanic Healer

Decode The Program Of Your Mind

Audio Only:

How wonderful is it that you can change the channel on your phone, tablet or computer whenever you want.

Same goes for your mind, it's just a different remote.

The way this lady takes you with her on a journey.

I had the privilege to attend a class on living Village last year and wow.

It was a journey, the more I will describe about the more it will feel like a dream or something.

Maybe it was, anyway I remember it very vividly and will go back to her one day.

It's amazing what you can do with your mind when you use it as a tool.Join us as we speak about:
- Changing the program that your mind runs
- How to get the remote back and become the creator again
- Nature and her wonderful gifts

Remind yourself how awesome you are and check out this interview 🙏



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