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Margo Awanata


Modern Amazon

Your lotus can only grow out of the mud

Audio Only:

Her Mission

"My mission is to help women to take back the leadership over their own life and own happiness. To find their inner power and unlock their potential. To step away from the paved road onto the winding way of the deep forest of her heart. You are capable of so much more than you can imagine now. "

She deeply cares for all women, encouraging them to live their full potential, aiding them in relishing their right of existence, trusting in the course of life, loving their bodies and expressing who they want to be and who they really are.

Live and experience your life fully! Feel the love that composes all life! Never be a victim and take full responsibility for your life! Those are some of the lessons she has learned and now strives to pass on to others.

She’s expert in holding space for anyone participating to feel completely safe and grounded. This opens the way to truly feeling one's own self, both strengths and vulnerabilities, and daring to bring yourself forth to open yourself for all that life can offer you.

Her Work

In her workshops, she stimulates women to delve within themselves to find a true source of wisdom and primal power. While accessing these, old wounds can be healed and insecurities overcome.

Margo is a warm and passionate woman with a fiery heart. She dances wildly and encourages others to join this dance of life



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