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Sydney Leijenhorst


Founder of Kenkon

Find The Guru Within

Audio Only:

When the world closed I saw an opportunity, Kenkon is the place where I practiced Qi-gong since April 2019, now there was no one there.

Enthusiastically I sent Sydney (the owner) a message if I could spend a quiet weekend with myself in Kenkon.

He agreed and gave me a suggestion for a possible weekend.

What came out of this is actually impossible to describe in words.

Sydney is a teacher to many, a Sensei.

Only what really appeals to me the most is the way he treats everyone as 'equal'.

So 'normal' for, and yet so important.

In this conversation we will discuss the following points:

How can you still teach so enthusiastic and energetic after 40 years?

When your mom forbids you to practice kong-fu because it's too aggressive ...

And also hear one of the first mantras Sydney learned from Lama Chime who played a vital role in finding his spiritual course.

Enjoy this interview with Sydney Leijenhorst.



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